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the_rob_gutter's Journal

The Rob Gutter .... Where dirty minds think alike
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A community for fun & laid back fans of Rob Pattinson .... we love to perv over his hotness.

Welcome! ♥
This community is for fun and laid back fans of Rob Pattinson.

Feel free to post your favorite pics, gifs, manips, movie related news, funny stuff, & anything related to this fucking hot man.

And even though this is NOT a shipper community, we do allow R&K pics & E&B lemony fic recs posted here.
However .... please try to keep most of your posts focused on Rob & Rob alone.
NO ship wars. Be silly & respectful. Ok? YES.
Gossip & pap pics are not allowed here so please DON'T post them.

♥ Well those are our rules ;] lol
now go post your gutter worthy pics bbs!!

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